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Supercard DSTWO

Manufactured by: SuperCard

Also Known As: SuperCard,DSTWO,Supercard DSTWO,DS2,Supercard DSTWO 3DS

The Supercard DSTwo is manufactured by SuperCard team,Supercard DSTWO 3DS is one of the best flashcarts available for DS/DSi/3DS. Supercard team puts it in a 2nd generation flashcart (which means it has an imbedded CPU) offers many features that other 1st generation flashcarts can not.In short,the DSTwo can do GBA emulation with only slot-1, video playback without conversion, better SNES emulation than other flashcarts, and whatever else the homebrew community makes for the DSTwo.

  • RealTime Functions: RealTime Save, RealTime Game Guide(txt,bmp,jpg) & RealTime Cheat. (More stable, more easy to use, cheat code compatible with R4 and DSTT now)
  • Multi Saves (Up to 4 slot), Easy to backup and restore saves.
  • Unlimited MicroSD storage space support. SDHC support. FAT or FAT32.
  • Multiple languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish)
  • Built-in GBA & SNES Emulator.
  • Action Slow Motion (4 levels,).
  • File Management System (Copy, Paste, Cut and Delete, long file name support).9. eBook (BMP, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIF, GIF, TXT, PDF).
  • Perfect support for long file names;
  • Real-time save slot increase to 4 slots. (Exclusive built-in automatic detection of 3D game engine technology, stability, greatly enhanced);
  • Give up cheat-code slow motion game play method, improved use of CPU to do operations, "precise control of CPU speed" Achieving the action slowed down, stability / compatibility and better.
  • Real-Time Game Guide will support txt formats without conversion, beautify the font is more beautiful;
  • New UI interface design. Easier-to-use.
  • Advanced multimedia playback: native DivX/XviD playback as well as other major formats, similar to the iPlayer.

The SCDS2 feels relatively sturdy yet not so well secured. DSTWO is much too easy to separate the shell halves from one another. The bottom of the PCB is flat against the shell resulting in optimal contact with the NDS Slot-1 connection teeth. The addition of 10 plastic guides gives this card a slight connection advantage over other Slot-1 Flash Kits that I have used. The microSD slot aggressively grips the card and I find it difficult to remove the card at times from the SCDS2 shell. The spring loaded microSD slot feels as familiar as any Slot-1 spring loaded Flash Kit. This kit is relatively new I can not yet comment on the integrity of the spring. There is always the chance that the spring could fail, with moderate respected use I would expect the spring to last. The SCDS2 fits snug into the DSi XL and extremely tight into the NDS Lite. The card is difficult to remove from the NDS Lite due to the protruding chip and over extended stickered label.

The front side of the SCDS2 is protected only by the stickered label. It is very easy to see and feel the chips and the other distinct characteristics of the PCB. These parts are vital to the functionally of this kit and users should take caution to avoid pushing onto this area of the shell

Although I have actively sought out an official confirmation, user speculation is that the I-Player Flash Kit was also designed by Team SuperCard. Comparing both the I-Player and the SCDS2 together one will see the similarities between boxes, packaging materials, paper user manuals, shell designs, PCB designs, emulation software, features list, and more. If the I-Player was a testing ground for the SCDS2 I hope that Team SuperCard has learned their lesson and that the SCDS2 will not repeat the failures of the I-Player.

Team Supercard DSTWO has allowed their forum “Admin” to leak news of an official SCDS2 Software Development Kit (SDK). Software which will push this Flash Kit away from the competition must incorporate the onboard CPU and one can only dream of the emulation possibilities this card has in store. The future of this Flash Kit design could very well come down to the Homebrew community who may be powerless to do official plug-in compilations without the aid of Team SuperCard and the official SDK. Team Supercard DSTWO 3DS should begin offering free SCDS2 kits to any established Homebrew author who wishes to develop for this unique Flash Kit (AgentQ, Normmatt & Smiths, Moonlight, Rudolph, Flubba, Simon J. Hall, Alekmaul, etc). If you want to increase sales you need to offer a wide range of exclusive software option. This can be achieved by giving away a handful of SCDS2 Flash Kits along with the SDK to the right Homebrew community contributors. Nothing could come of this but the potential for SCDS2 greatness is worth the effort.

The community has put their faith and trust into Team supercard dstwo uk and software that does not perform as stated on the box or in pre-release news and publicized advertisements. However, SuperCard has always come from behind to offer support and features for the life of their products. While the initial impressions include disappointment the frequent updates and attempts to support the hardware should be noted.

Set-up and Usage

The SuperCard EOS v1.02 software is released archived with 4 main directories. These directories are “_dstwo”, “_dstwoplug”, “moonshl2”, and “NDSGBA”. Each of these 4 directories must be placed in the ROOT of a freshly formatted microSD card.

The “_dstwo” directory contains vital system related files, the User Interface theme files, and translated language .TXT files. Users can easily see the influence from the Ackeard R.P.G. software from which the EOS is based, by examining the familiar directory structure. The EOS themes are complex and made up of 54 files not including the additional patch and plug-in related theme files.

The “dstwoplug” directory contains EOS shortcut icons commonly called “plug-ins” based on this directories name and not on their actually functionality as external software applications. Each shortcut includes a correctly formatted .BMP image and an .INI file. The .INI file contains a path to the icon file and the name as displayed in the EOS software. The .NDS file itself must also be located in this directory and named the same name as the .BMP and .INI files.

SuperCard DSTwo Tutorial to work on the 3DS
-SuperCard V.1.12 firmware update
-SuperCard V.1.11 EOS update

Note 1: For Nintendo 3DS, Firmware Ver. 2.1.0-4U
Note 2: Make sure you have an FLASHCART enabled nDS system. (eg. DS Lite, DSi or DSiXL)


Prepare your DSTWO Cartridge, MicroSD card and 3DS system and DSi/XL or DSlite.
Then, insert your microSD card into your computer.
On your DESKTOP, create a NEW FOLDER and name it My Backups.
On your micro SD card, copy and paste everything on it, onto the folder you just created called "My Backups"
Afterwards, delete EVERYTHING on your microSD card... EVERYTHING!!

Step 02

Now that your microSD card is completely empty, continue onward to this next step.
Go to this LINK:
On that link's page, download the "DSTWO v1.11_0723(07-23)"

Step 03

After downloading the file, open it.
Now open "DSTWO_v1.11_0723_eng" folder and copy all content that is listed in it. (eg. "_dstwo", "ds2boot.dat", & "readme_eng.txt")
And PASTE what you copied into your microSD card.

Step 04

Back to the website, click and download where it says "firmware v1.12 support for 3ds v2.0(06-10)"
After it's done downloading, open it.
Now open "eng" folder and copy the one file that's only there. (eg. dstwoupdate.dat)
Paste it into the microSD card alongside with all the other files you've already copied into it.

Step 05

Now put the microSD card into the DSTWO cartridge and insert the flashcart into a DS Lite, DSi or XL. You cannot do this step with a 3DS.
Insert the DSTWO flashcart into the handheld and load up the flashcart.
A small window will prompt up asking you "Update system Beta 1.12, OK(A) or Cancel(B)"
Press A for OK to start the update. Now wait for it to update itself showing a progress bar. (takes like 30 secs)
After the update is done, the update file is automatically erased, so don't worry about deleting it...

Step 06

Turn off the handheld and remove the flashcart and insert it into your 3DS.
On your 3DS, it will say ALEX RIDER STORMBREAKER, THQ and load it.
Congrats, you DID it! Now you can move whatever important files you backed up back onto your microSD card.